Important new report for NZ?

It looks like this was released on 17May but it has only just come to my attention.
The report is dated December 2020 so it has been floating about for awhile.
I hear that it will be discussed in Wellington on 10June.
I wonder if the Climate Change Commission sighted it before making their final recommendation to government.

Link to report:


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  1. Web-based attendance was available by request so I attended remotely. Dennis Enright, BNNZ chair had been allocated time to present at the end of the report presentation but his flight was cancelled. BNNZ committee members Phil & Warrick were also present and stepped in on Dennis’s behalf. They did a great job in a very limited slot. Most of the time was taken up by formal report presentations by the authors so little time was available for broader discussion on biochar in NZ (a pity). CCC representatives were present, so I’m told.

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