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With requests arriving to list fully commercial products, ABE probably needs to upgrade its policy on product endorsement. Well, we do not currently have a policy so I’d be keen to hear any views. This list was developed for the benefit of local biochar enthusiasts who are unwilling or unable to produce their own biochar for their gardening / horticulture / farming experiments. We would also like to see a growing and healthy market and fully commercial biochar production and application industries in NZ.

I’ll try to keep this list growing and accurate. If you are aware of changes to this table (producers no longer supplying or new suppliers in NZ), then please let me know (you can send me a note via the producer listing page).

Name Email Biochar description Region
Jim Hunt njimihunt@
Biochar made from twigs of acacia melanoxylon trees (TAsmanian blackwood) and some from arundo donax (giant reed). Not crushed. Stored in drums or plastic rubbish bags. I have neither time nor expertise to do more than very crude trials of including it in compost, but would be pleased to meet with locals interested in doing further work and advancing the movement.
Auckland (Swanson)
Graham Smith ggnsmith@
Produced from timber mill waste using a TLUD. Feed stock varies: pine, cedar and hardwoods. Crushed and screened to approximately AP5. Auckland (Silverdale)
Brian Richards bjrccs@
Biochar made from paulownia, olive pruning and other  (TLUD & TFOD) Waikato
James Joyce


We manufacture using a BiGchar 2200 (technically an rotary hearth operated as an updraft gasifier). The chars produced by this unit conform to the IBI standards and have also been positively characterised in Wales and Germany against the European standards.
Our primary production is of nut shell and hardwood chip chars. These are available in 1000 litre bulk bags and in bulk shipments (eg. bulk filled shipping containers. Lead times are 3-8 weeks depending on quantity.
East Island (Australia)
Simon Day stardustearth57 Maize cob biochar from TLUD drums and TFOD / flame-cap methods. Pukekohe
Biogrow Bamboo biochar imported by BioGrow from SEEK Fertilisers in China
Online sales
Dennis Enright nzbiocharltd
Biochar made from various feedstocks. Details available on request. Dunedin
StarDustEarth stardustearth57 ChookChar and HCBA chars in 20L bags, 1m3 jumbo bags or bulk delivery. Ref to website for details. Auckland, Waikato, BoP.
FertileFields don@fertile Taranaki
Miles Pope HCBA: bulk; soil mix designs; delivered Auckland, Waikato, BoP.


Biochar suppliers — 2 Comments

  1. Trying hard to do OPT plantation waste to biochar. The tech is there and I am ready to build but even breaking even seems a dream. I hope to be able to provide 2,000 tones per month by 4th quarter 2016 but need some support from the buyers’ side. Anyone has ideas please let me know! All opinions are most welcome.
    Thanks everyone,

  2. Environmental Fertilisers sell 10kg bags of Bio-Char.( maybe larger quantities if needed)

    While there is no online sales, you can ring in an order, with payment to
    their bank account.

    As to a product endorsement policy, I don’t think there needs to be one.
    Maybe ask the supplier to state what he uses for raw material, his process method and whether he inoculates his product. Similar to above.

    Then let members provide feed back on their experiences with certain suppliers….with the supplier given a right of reply. Cowboys can then be deleted from the listings on this site.

    The huge gardening site Daves Garden uses a similar method with a Positive,Negative or Neutral rating of seed suppliers.

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