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AllBlackEarth was the provisional name given to Biochar Interest Group of New Zealand (BIG-NZ). This group worked quietly on biochar advocacy in NZ until the formation of Biochar Network NZ (BNNZ) and its more formal structure in 2019.

The concept of a NZ biochar interest group had been under discussion between biochar enthusiasts for a number of years. A call to arms was circulated in March 2012 to a circulation list of ~130 potentially interested folk. Our plan was to gather a voluntary ‘interim management team’ to undertake the work leading to a NZ interest group.

Our initial group (11 of us) congealed around a google+ group in 2011 and we’ve subsequently been posting news reports, relevant for biochar in a NZ context. Some of these old posts were migrated to this new site to kick things off.

Since the formation of BNNZ, this site has been maintained by Trevor Richards (currently BNNZ secretary) and posts specifically on NZ interest stories and supports BNNZ with a monthly newsletter. It is anticipated that these functions will move to BNNZ in time, when resources become available.


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  1. I am looking for contact details of Trevor Richards. Can any body help.
    We are Toronto Canada based start up looking for Biochar – smokeless coal manufacturing for India and East Africa to save deforestation – to be used as cooking fuel.

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