The Crucibulum

Here is some news should have been in the June ABE newsletter.

Art and Fire fuse together at this year’s Whangārei Night Lights Festival (July 5th-8th)

“Artists Sally Howe and Robert Mignault present ‘Crucibulum,’ an alchemical initiation of aesthetic and cultural transformation — where a live Biochar kiln process will be created as a large-scale contemplative immersive fire-sculpture.

We stand at the crossroads of climate crisis and the urgent need for action. Since ancient times, fire has been used for sacred purification and renewal. By witnessing the ‘Crucibulum’ at this significant time of Matariki, audiences will directly participate in that calling for profound personal and collective change. An ephemeral encounter with light, heat, art, community and alchemy during the festival, the resulting biochar will nevertheless be returned to the earth after the event to be sequestered as carbon for hundreds of years, thereby contributing to soil regen
eration and planetary healing.”

They did not need any help with getting the word out… all four nights sold out but keep a lookout for media coverage. The fire connection between arts & science around environmental repair & climate change action is heating up.


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