Please visit the Biochar Network New Zealand (BNNZ) website to track the development of any physical biochar market in NZ. Suppliers are being listed but there is no current online market for biochar or any associated voluntary carbon credits.

The international CDR market for biochar is growing fast. Quite a few folk thinking about this space in NZ so get in touch if you have some interest in collaboration.


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  1. Try Environmental Fertilizers.They source Bio-Char,both solid and liquard
    from overseas.They also stock EMs if you want to treat your char. EMNZ is another company that provides EMs.

  2. A number of group members are producing char from various systems around NZ. I’m sure small quantities can be provided for home gardening trials. We just need to organize the communications and logistics for this (where are you?).

    We could also work together to provide advice on testing and application methods. Feed-back and discussion on results would also be great. The comment above… “you are on your own” should read… ‘at your own risk’. We want to encourage experimentation and collaboration.

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