Biochar trials in Northland

I’m not 100% sure that this report is in the public domain so I will limit my report here to the Executive Summary.
I will try to confirm with the authors on sharing the report.
  1. Executive Summary
    “Research has shown that, as a soil additive, biochar can significantly improve soil properties and, in conjunction with organic and inorganic fertilisers, increase plant productivity, benefiting agricultural ecosystems. Pārengarenga Incorporation have been trialling a charcoal making process that uses waste pine from their plantation forests to produce biochar. They have then measured the effects on liveweight gain and faecal eggs counts in cattle fed the biochar and the effects on soil and pasture of direct biochar application to land. AgResearch has been contracted to review the biochar study progress that Pārengarenga Incorporation have undertaken. The original reports produced by Koa Gower of Pārengarenga Incorporation have been amalgamated and reformatted into this report and the results have been reviewed. This report is not intended as a final output, but rather as a working document as some raw data is not available for statistical analysis and there are still points of clarification which could affect any interpretations.”

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