ANZBC17 – advance announcement

Kiwis – I’m sure Don of the western-ile does not mean it literally… I’ve promised to try to help mount a NZ host-ile invasion for this event…

“Dear Friends & Colleagues,

In previous years, you have either presented, sponsored, exhibited, introduced, helped coordinate our Biochar Conferences. I seek your expression of interest and commitment again.

As I head off to Korea next week to the, I have put in place an interim webpage and options for delegates to Register for the Inaugural Australia New Zealand Biochar Conference 2017 which will be held on August 10,11 & 12 in Tweed N.S.W. (Venue TBC). The aim is to have an announcement made in Korea about our Conference so there is an opportunity to showcase yourself, your work and or your business to the Biochar World.

Our website is in maintenance mode and the interim webpage can be found here This takes you to the Registration Page here where you can also purchase a Stall at the Trade Expo which will be part of the Conference (Floor Plan to come). To encourage participants to commit and help us reach our goal of 200 Delegates, we are offering SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICES until December 31, 2016. 25% Discount.

I have attached Day 1 of our Programme for those that have committed to presenting again, thank you. This can also be downloaded off the Webpage. This excludes Bernard Doube from Dung Beetle Solutions who will be on Day 2 of the Programme which is not yet complete.

An invitation call out again to anyone in this email who would like to Present, Exhibit or Sponsor the ANZBC17 by Monday 17th October which will be the last chance before Korea. We are looking to have representatives from each of the States (Scientist & Grower) with New Zealand being another State. We already have strong representation from NSW and only one from S.A. so far.  The ANZBC17 Working Group will meet again on Monday November 7 and anyone is welcome to join in person or on Skype.  

I will be sending out a global email on the 17th so I look forward to hearing from you if I haven’t already.”

Chars, Don
Don Coyne
Event Coordinator

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