Wood Energy South Capital Funding


EECA has funds available to assist businesses with wood energy projects and welcomes applications as part of the Wood Energy South Project. Capital Grants are for capital projects with good demonstration potential that lead to wood-based bioenergy is being produced or used in Industrial or Commercial operations and a published case study.


Projects must satisfy the following criteria:
– Wood-based bioenergy is being produced or used in Industrial or Commercial operations.
– There is a clear benefit to the wood energy sector in Southland, either the supply or demand side, i.e. strategic value and potential for widespread industry adoption. These may include, for example:
– The potential use of wood fuel to replace fossil fuels
– The improvement of a supply chain for wood fuels
– Conversion of boilers to wood-firing
– At the time of applying for the grant, a commitment has not already been made for goods or services, i.e. contract signed or deposit paid.
– The project will lead to increased wood energy use, i.e. it is not just pure research.
– Installed Heat Plants must meet Regional air quality standards
– A feasibility study must be undertaken by a suitably qualified consultant without vested interest in any equipment involved in the project concerned unless approved by EECA.
– Be economically viable

If you have any questions about these criteria, please contact Wood Energy South before proceeding.

Depending on the evaluation of the grant application and project plan, the recipient may receive up to 40% of the total project cost. The maximum grant amount will be $100,000, payable upon completion of the project. NB: Grant funding is not confirmed until you have entered into a contract with EECA for the funding.

Contact : Cathy Jordan

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