MPI funding opportunity for biochar research

Biochar gets a specific mention by MPI as a research option under “Theme 2, Carbon sink enhancement”. It looks to me like it could fit other theme criteria as well… Sustainable Land Management & Climate Change Research Programme “The Sustainable … Continue reading

Rethink needed on cutting agricultural emissions

This press release should be of interest to NZ biochar community. Our response in NZ seems quite narrow – we have sunk a lot of effort into NZAGRC but maybe stopped looking at other ideas. Why not broaden the picture… … Continue reading

Research proposal to retain soluble Nitrogen in pasture soils

RESEARCH PROPOSAL TO RETAIN NITROGEN IN PASTURE SOILS – Use of No-tillage to apply biochar into pasture root zones New Zealanders are waking up …  to the environmental costs & unintended consequences of intensive dairy farming practices, in particular intensively managed … Continue reading

Climate Change Conference, 9-10 March

———- Forwarded message ———- From: Jeanette Watkins <> Date: 23 February 2016 at 17:22 Subject: Climate Change Conference Rotorua: Confirm Your Registration Now Climate Change 2016: “Sustainable Economic Growth That Does Not Cost the Earth” Holiday Inn, Tryon Street, Rotorua, … Continue reading