A bit on biochar

This video is available from the Royal Society of NZ website. I provided notice of this on the ABE FB page back on 9 March 2018, as I was aware that Annette Cowie was a speaker and she has been very active in biochar research in Australia. Annette manages to squeeze in comments on biochar about 3 times (19min, 34min, 57min) but the the talk is well worth a watch, despite the many missed opportunities to discuss biochar in more depth.

Note that NZGRC were co-sponsor for the event. I’ve been critical about their (apparent lack of) interest in biochar. We need to keep waving a black flag but it seems no one is seeing it. We need to be standing on higher ground… which could be better (any!) coverage by NZ media and journalism. My hope lies in BNNZ attracting more resources and folk with time and energy.

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