Rethink needed on cutting agricultural emissions

This press release should be of interest to NZ biochar community. Our response in NZ seems quite narrow – we have sunk a lot of effort into NZAGRC but maybe stopped looking at other ideas. Why not broaden the picture… look at our wider agriculture systems, searching for new ways to tackle this issue. Dr Kerr’s comments question our focus on animal based farming. But maybe we can rethink this to incorporate animals into a more diverse, carbon farming solution. The Savory Institute has some ideas for this but maybe not so relevant for NZ soil status. Did we invent industrial rotational grazing?

It would be great if some of our current crop of industry focused soil scientists and advisors looked at the bigger picture, painted here by Dave Montgomery. His book is dirty but riveting read.

How about a little NZ research focus on what Doug Pow is doing in WA (check out the update in the comments). We are keen (and trying) to get similar field trials going in NZ.



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