NZ biochar business models

Converting Shelterbelt Biomass to Biochar

A Feasibility Analysis for North Dakota Forest Service
By Kelpie Wilson
Wilson Biochar Associates

This PDF report linked above by Wilson Biochar Associates points to future business opportunities for biochar production in NZ. A few business models come to mind:

  • Perennial crop pruning and shelter belt management
  • Forest slash and thinning management
  • Wilding pine management

There is little capital required for the biochar entrepreneur and the economics look promising. What is lacking is a developed market which will hopefully come soon with more publicity and education. Biochar enthusiasts can help by getting this report in front of potential clients, be they vineyards, orchards, forest managers or wilding management groups.

If you have some time and are not familiar with biochar production from fire management such as TFOD (top feed open draft) systems (kontiki, trough, pit), then the following video from WBA should be of interest.

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