Congrats to Leo Condron

The bio for the above story does not specifically mention biochar but a G-Scholar search on Prof. Condron pulls a lot of historic research conducted at Lincoln, mostly around the interaction of biochar with N. I’ve filtered the results with a search on ‘biochar’. A lot of the early work at Lincoln continues to be referenced in thousands of other biochar publications.

2019 Impact of biochar coated with magnesium (hydr) oxide on phosphorus leaching from organic and mineral soils M Riddle, L Bergström, F Schmieder, D Lundberg, L Condron, …

2016 Research and application of biochar in New Zealand MC Arbestain, JR Jones, LM Condron, TJ Clough

2014 Biochar does not affect soil N-transformations or microbial community structure under ruminant urine patches but does alter relative proportions of nitrogen cycling bacteria CR Anderson, K Hamonts, TJ Clough, LM Condron

2014 Biochar and fertiliser applications influence phosphorus fractionation and wheat yield M Farrell, LM Macdonald, G Butler, I Chirino-Valle, LM Condron

2013 Impacts of greenwaste biochar on ammonia volatilisation from bauxite processing residue sand CR Chen, IR Phillips, LM Condron, J Goloran, ZH Xu, KY Chan

2013 A review of biochar and soil nitrogen dynamics TJ Clough, LM Condron, C Kammann, C Müller (nearly 1000 sights)

2012 A wood based low-temperature biochar captures NH3-N generated from ruminant urine-N, retaining its bioavailability A Taghizadeh-Toosi, TJ Clough, RR Sherlock, LM Condron

2012 Biochar adsorbed ammonia is bioavailable A Taghizadeh-Toosi, TJ Clough, RR Sherlock, LM Condron

2011 Biochar induced soil microbial community change: implications for biogeochemical cycling of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus CR Anderson, LM Condron, TJ Clough, M Fiers, A Stewart, RA Hill, …

2011 Biochar incorporation into pasture soil suppresses in situ nitrous oxide emissions from ruminant urine patches A Taghizadeh‐Toosi, TJ Clough, LM Condron, RR Sherlock, …

2010 Biochar and the nitrogen cycle: introduction TJ Clough, LM Condron

2010 Unweathered wood biochar impact on nitrous oxide emissions from a bovine‐urine‐amended pasture soil TJ Clough, JE Bertram, JL Ray, LM Condron, M O’callaghan, RR Sherlock, …

2008 Biochar amendment of urine-treated New Zealand pasture soil induces unique shift in active bacterial but not archaeal ammonia-oxidizer communities JL Ray, JE Bertram, TJ Clough, LM Condron, M O’Callaghan, …

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