Biochar White Paper from BNNZ

I’ve been very under-whelming recently on my posting the this site. A few months ago I managed to shut myself out of the site which is not a good look when you are the site administrator. Most of the NZ based biochar stories that I focus on here where captured as articles in the ABE newsletter but I now see that the newsletters are not an easily searchable archive so I may bring a few back here for the record… particularly the recent & busy BNNZ workshop history.

I’ve been working with the BNNZ committee on a plan to produce a series of white papers on biochar in NZ. This was actually instigated by Brian Cox from BANZ when he asked for comment on a Technical Note they had produced on bio-carbons that covered biochar. BNNZ contributed to this which is now published as TNSB82 on the BANZ website. BNNZ have also provided BANZ with a biochar focused TNSB05 which we hope to see on their website soon.

From this effort it was a simple journey to the first BNNZ white paper, BNNZ-WP-01 (see link to “Biochar explained” on the home page).

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We have a long list of industry and issue focused white papers that we plan to produce. Do get in touch if you can contribute in any way.


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