World Soil Day: 05Dec.

This posted here recently by Dr Tom Goreau…

“Last year, December 5 2015 was not only World Soil Day, but 2015 was also the Year of the Soil, sponsored by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)!
On that day I went to the FAO Information Centre at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris, in the middle of the negotiations.
On December 1 France had proposed that soil carbon be counted in UNFCCC, and that countries commit to increasing it by 0.2% per year.
NONE of FAO’s large collection of glossy color brochures, books, leaflets, posters, CDs, etc. mentioned that it was World Soil Day, nor The Year of the Soil, nor that increasing soil carbon is the only way we know to avert runaway global climate warming and sea level rise. 
There were all sorts of agricultural vulnerability assessments for various climate warming models, with regard to “food security”, but nothing at all on soils as the solution to our climate change problems!
FAO reflects the mandate given to it by governments, and up to now they have not been instructed to make increasing soil carbon storage a priority!
Let’s hope that the Commonwealth Regenerative Development to Reverse Global Warming initiative (one third of the world’s governments and people) makes such a mandate a priority in the international climate change negotiations next year”
Thomas J. F. Goreau, PhD
President, Global Coral Reef Alliance
President, Biorock Technology Inc.
Coordinator, Soil Carbon Alliance
Coordinator, United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development Small Island Developing States Partnership in New Sustainable Technologies
37 Pleasant Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

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