The future of wood

Biochar gets a mention in this NZ Herald article Co/ Tim Langley at Carbonscape…

The power of biochar

“Executive director of CarbonScape, Tim Langley, says the real potential technological impact on forestry long-term lies in a product known as biochar. “It’s basically the same product as green coke, but used as a soil amendment, and it has all of those activated carbon aspects of being able to retain moisture really, really well. It also acts as a sort of microbial reef in the ground.”

He says there’s work being done on biochar all over the world, and its impact on forestry globally as a sector is likely to be very large.

“The commercialisation plan is to make those products here in New Zealand, and then export them. Our dream is that they’ll be using our technology in China, and using their own forestry over there.””


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