Rotorua lakes symposium

I’ve sent an inquiry to the biochar list regarding using lake weed as a biomass source for biochar production and nutrient management. Will keep you posted on feedback. From the Royal Society newsletter…

Lakes Symposium, 12-13 March, Rotorua

“LakesWater Quality Society invites you to a symposium on 12- 13 March 2015 in Rotorua: ‘Lake Weed and Wallabies – their role and control in the ecology of the Rotorua Lakes‘. The symposium will have two themes: dealing with lake weed, and the problem of animal pests in forested lake catchments.

Papers will be based on the best New Zealand and international expertise. They will discuss dealing with lake weed – both practical and theoretical aspects. Special attention will be given to weed harvesting as a means of improving amenity and reducing nutrients at the same time.

The day on animal pests will focus on the Lake Okataina catchment as a case study. Sessions will deal with the effect of browsing animal pests on forests and lakes, and how to control them. The broadening threat of wallabies will receive special attention.

For inquiries please contact The draft programme is available at

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