NZ soil status

There is a major new report out called “Status of the World’s Soil Resources”. Chapter 15 is titled “Regional Assessment of Soil Change in the Southwest Pacific”. Very catchy, I know but there is a wealth of information here about NZ soil status if you like to get down and dirty in this area.

There are familiar NZ names in the contributors (and credits):

“Regional Coordinator/Lead Author: N.J. McKenzie (ITPS/Australia) Contributors: J.A. Baldock (Australia), M.R. Balks (New Zealand), M. Camps Arbestain (ITPS/New Zealand), L.M. Condron (New Zealand), M. Elder-Ratutokarua (Secretariat Pacific Community/Fiji), M.J. Grundy (Australia), A.E. Hewitt (New Zealand), F.M. Kelliher (New Zealand), J.F. Leys (Australia), N.J. McKenzie (ITPS/ Australia), R.W. McDowell (New Zealand), R.J. Morrison (Fiji/Australia), N.R. Schoknecht (Australia).”

This chapter is a free download from this link.

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