NZ scientific ‘roadmap’

Govt lays out scientific ‘roadmap’

The roadmap is discussed at the RNZ website, linked above.

I’ve searched the document for reference to biochar… zero results but no surprise there.

I then searched on ‘soil’. There is some mention or hint at soil services in Theme 1 – Climate change and Theme 4 – Land ecosystems and processes. This looks like a great opportunity to get more focus on biochar’s potential to provide environmental services under almost all of the themes described. We should rally around this opportunity… please consider making a submission.

If you are interested in a collaborative effort, then please get in touch.

Conservation and Environment Science Roadmap: Discussion paper

Publication date: July 2016
Publication reference number: ME 1250

This discussion paper seeks your input into the development of a proposed conservation and environment science roadmap. The roadmap will identify the areas of scientific knowledge needed by government over the next 20 years to support decision-making for conservation and environmental policy and managementĀ to achieve the most desirable future for New Zealand.

Provide your feedback on the discussion paper

Submissions close at 5.00pm on Wednesday 7 September 2016.

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