NZ role in latest IPCC report

Ralph Sims talks to … “The third and final section of the latest IPCC report outlines how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as remove them from the atmosphere.

He mentions biochar in the discussion… ““Soil carbon has been quite controversial, as I understand it, in this approval process, quite what the role of biochar is (producing charcoaling effects from biomass and then locking it up in the soil), there are problems with doing that, so it’s not going to be a simple solution.”

A search on ‘biochar’ in the nearly 3,000 page report pulls quite a few results with some attention in bioenergy (chapter 6) but some dedicated coverage in Chapter 7: (

There are some NZ names listed as authors of this section:

… including our friend at NZAGRC, Harry Clarke. Also interesting to note that Andy Reisinger (also NZAGRC) was one of the lead Drafting Authors for the full report.

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