Nepal – how biochar can help…

Hans-Peter Schmidt was in Nepal during the earthquake working on biochar projects. Please take a look at his story…

Dear all,
In the following article I try to share both impressions and some of the despair experienced last week in Nepal and a proposal for the biochar community for longer-term support for farmers in Nepal. Today was the first day that Nepal was no longer the headline in European media outlets, ousted by other news. Yet the suffering remains as does the hope for our help. It will be important to create a model for the people to take the future into their own hands; not to rebuild the same fragile mud huts, but rather to build with bamboo and straw; not to plant the same endless corn terraces, but apply agroforestry principles to prevent future landslides; not to erode the soil, but to build humus.
Yours Hans-Peter Schmidt

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