MPI funding opportunity for biochar research

Biochar gets a specific mention by MPI as a research option under “Theme 2, Carbon sink enhancement”. It looks to me like it could fit other theme criteria as well…

Sustainable Land Management & Climate Change Research Programme

“The Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change (SLMACC) Research Programme helps the agriculture and forestry sectors with the challenges arising from climate change. Learn about the projects the programme supports and its priorities.” …

Funding for 3 research themes in 2016-2017 round

The total funding available for the 2016-2017 financial year is $1.6m excluding GST.

The available funding will be spread across 3 research themes:

Theme 1: impacts of climate change and adaptation

  • vulnerability to climate change
  • direct and indirect impacts of climate change
  • adaptation to the impacts of climate change.

Theme 2: mitigation of agricultural and forestry greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions


  • carbon dioxide emissions, soils, energy co-generation and efficiency
  • methane from ruminant animals and soils
  • nitrous oxide from nitrogen fertiliser and livestock waste

Carbon sink enhancement:

  • biochar, soil carbon
  • afforestation and deforestation
  • changes in land management practices


  • supply-side resource capacity and economics
  • alternative land-based energy sources and systems

Theme 3: Cross-cutting issues, including economic analysis, life-cycle analysis, farm catchment systems analysis, and social impact

  • economic analysis of mitigation impacts and adaptation measures at farm/forest, national and international scales, carbon markets
  • social science analysis – impacts of climate change and climate change policies on rural communities, interdisciplinary social research
  • systems analysis at farm/forest levels.

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