Motueka Kai Fest: Biochar talk – 1st April

Don Graves is giving a biochar talk during the week of events leading up to KaiFest…

Day: Saturday 1 April
Time: 3-5pm
Location: Te Awhina Marae
Biochar is produced by heating wood and other carbon products to high temperatures in the absence
of oxygen, and then adding the resulting charcoal to soil. It has many uses in agriculture and
horticulture, including soil water retention, effluent control, increased fertility, and carbon
sequestration. This workshop will go into some of the details of how biochar can be made and used on a domestic or large commercial scale for these benefits.
Your speaker: New Zealand Biochar solutions is a local group established in 2016 to promote the use of biochar for reducing waste, enhancing long-term soil fertility, and sequestering carbon in the Earth where it belongs, rather than in the air where it contributes to climate change. Don Graves is a soil biologist who has studied biochar extensively.


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