CHARdays 2015

From Kathleen Draper at the Biochar Journal…

An invitation to join us for CHARdays: June 18 – 21

Hello biochar community –

We’d like to invite all of your to join us for the first (hopefully annual) CHARdays event from June 18 – 21st. Location: your backyard or at your company location or anywhere you choose. The idea is to build awareness for biochar by hosting charring events around the globe. For those interested in participating, we are working on a way to help you advertise your event though social media and the Biochar Journal.

We don’t have a baseline goal for how much carbon we think the biochar community could help sequester in these 4 days but would love to hear what you all think.

Hope you will join us in spreading the word!

We have commitments from Australia, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, and the US so far which is great.  There will be at least 100 Swiss and German ‘charmaniacs’ participating as well and some have asked us about posting live video – we are checking into that.

If you’d like us to help advertise your event, feel free to send the relevant information to Maddie Brown( . You can use your own flyer or just send us the details and we’ll put them in this simple format and post to our CHARdays Pinterest board.

Cheers, Kathleen

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