Welcome to the my first post to AllBlackEarth.

The concept of a NZ biochar interest group has been under discussion between biochar enthusiasts for a number of years. A call to arms was circulated on 10Mar 2012 to a circulation list of ~130 potentially interested folk. Our plan was to gather a voluntary ‘interim management team’ to undertake the work leading to a (this) NZ interest group.  We clearly needed a bit of biochar in our diet as project development has been slow. But here we are, with a brand new website. Where this will lead remains to be seen and will be dependent on your encouragement and participation.

Our initial group (11 of us) congealed around a google+ group about one year ago. Since then, I’ve been posting news reports to that site that I think were relevant for biochar in a NZ context. My plan is to migrate some of these old posts to this new site to kick things off. So some of it may be a bit dated but fell free to leap in with your comments.

Our current structure is still very lose. We have not set protocols for the blog or discussion groups or sorted out moderation responsibilities. Bare with us.

Cheers, Trevor