Missed MPI funding opportunity?

The Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change (SLMACC) research programme… http://www.mpi.govt.nz/environment-natural-resources/funding-programmes/slmacc-research-programme Theme 2: Mitigation of agricultural and forestry greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions Theme 2 specifically lists biochar and soil carbon as appropriate research themes. I have an inquiry placed with … Continue reading


Phosphorus retention project around Lake Rotorua

I listened to the RNZ rural news podcast linked below back in July 2012 which includes a review of a water quality related project around Lake Rotorua. 2:30min in is a discussion on the “P Project”. Their project does seem to have some links to keyline plowing.

RNZ rural news – P-project

No reference to biochar in following 2010 report (but hardly surprising)…