BiogroNZ support for biochar workshops

And while I’m on the workshop article theme (last two posts), Biogro have also come out in support with a banner in their latest (March) newsletter. I can’t find a newsletter archive on their website so the best I can do is a C&P from my email newsletter copy:As the text is illegible!:

“Rebuilding and retaining carbon in the soil is fundamental when farming organically. Returning organic matter of various types to the soil is a mandatory and standard process. In line with this is using biochar, which is charcoal produced for application to soil. Workshops are being held across May/June 2018 with a collaboration between AllBlackEarth and NZ Biochar to present information and demonstrations on making and using Biochar. For all inquiries and to make a booking, head to the AllBlackEarth events website.”

Note that the link provided in their newsletter was faulty (corrected, above).

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