Biochar training course + conference, Nanjing

“Following the success of the first and the second Biochar Training Course, The Biochar and Green Agriculture Center of Nanjing Agriculture University in collaboration with the University of Newcastle and University of NSW of Australia is announcing a third course to be held starting 16th April 2015. China now leads the world in the commercial production of both biochar and biochar technology. It has pioneered the development of combine NPK biochar granulated fertilizers.”

You can find details from this link to the announcement and program.

The biochar training course will overlap with the 2nd International Conference on Biochar and Green Agriculture (BioGra 2015) Hanyuan Hotel, Nanjing, China. April 14-18, 2015

The 1st Circular (Call for Abstracts and Pre-registration) is linked here.

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