Biochar Network NZ(?) – update on progress

The email below has been shared with 13 folk who have expressed interest in participating in an interim committee, to help establish a NZ biochar organisation.

This process was previously notified on 22 July by email to all NZ members of ABE (160 No.) and some other folk with a potential interest in biochar in NZ. This document was attached to the email.

​​———- Forwarded message ———
From: Dennis Enright <>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2018 at 17:20
Subject: National Biochar Organisation


Thanks to you all for taking part in developing a national organisation and strategy to support and promote biochar production and use in NZ.

I propose that we can conduct a lot of the work via email and google shared documents initially and at some point we will get together on skype/zoom.
to make this process viable I think that it will be important for everyone to express agreement/disagreement to proposals and/or add your own suggestions.
To begin, Trevor and I have made some proposals for your consideration:
1) We propose that this group prepare a recommendation for the governance and strategy of a national biochar organisation. This recommendation will be circulated widely to stakeholders for their input, with the intention to subsequently ratify it at a general meeting.
2) We propose that we develop a statement defining the purpose of the organisation.
3) We propose that we call the organisation Biochar Network New Zealand
4) I propose that the organisation be an incorporated Society – based on the fact that organisations such as HortNZ and BANZ are both incorporated societies
see following links: 
5)  I propose that a subcommittee of this group draft a constitution or set of rules based on the template provided by nz companies website and other similar constitutions/rules such as the examples given and present to this group for discussion. These rules will be required irrespective of the type of organisation that we decide upon.
6) Trevor proposes that we draft a set of priorities for the organisation.
7) We propose that we establish some dates to complete key steps.
Trevor has shared a google docs file with our details, please check that your info is in there, thanks.

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