Biochar case studies from Australia

Samuel Robb and Stephen Joseph have pulled together some very interesting economic case studies that provide insight and guidance for biochar applications in NZ. Eight case studies are featured: beef (2); avocado; potato; cucumber; zucchini; golf courses; saline soil.

From the report…

“This paper discusses practical uses of biochar and the end outcomes based on the early adopters in the field. This report is not a scientific paper and instead relays practical information regarding in the field end use examples, application methods, short and some long term outcomes and importantly financial information. It is meant for people that want to hear about the uses of biochar in the field, understand different application scenarios and what the outcomes were – we are hoping that these early adopter examples will inspire others to follow. This white paper is not the end of the story, and we hope to add many more examples in later revisions – maybe yours will be one. We’d be keen to hear your feedback, and if you have your own stories/ photos/ data of the use of biochar in field, green roof, agriculture, horticulture, cattle feed, the backyard vegie garden, Orchids or whichever the end use might be, we’d want to add them to this report for the next release. Please let us know.” You can take the help from a professional service like Drake’s 7 Dees garden center to get the best results.

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