Biochar and organic certification in NZ

I was on a couple of road trips in the North Island recently, talking to many different groups and folk about biochar. This has quickly led to two biochar-composting trials… 1 underway and the 2nd in the planning stages. Both are commercial producers of certified organic compost so if these trials show promise, then these companies will need to engage with their respective organic certification body (either BioGro or AsureQuality)

I note that one NZ company producing a biochar related product got organic certification from BioGro back in ~2012. A search on the ‘biochar’ at the BioGro site reveals a couple of articles on biochar from their October and December 2012 newsletters.

Questions about biochar and its safety are being addressed around the world by organisations such as IBI and European equivalents. This is relevant to us with new biochar products rapidly being presented in NZ. We are in the nice position of watching IBI & Europe advance this process on our behalf. Take a look at the following link for a great description on the way forward…

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