Biochar 2016 – Oregon

Biochar 2016: August 22-25, 2016

Experience the Synergy
Over the last several years, researchers have helped open up many promising avenues for biochar market development in North America. Likewise, many entrepreneurs and small business owners have made investments to develop commercial markets. With so much research being published on biochar (over 5000 publications in 2015 alone!), there is a need to bring together these two groups to share information, lessons learned, and to solicit ideas on the pathway forward for biochar commercial development. The US Biochar Initiative and Sustainable Obtainable Solutions aims to bring together stakeholders in the applied biochar research community and the private sector to further biochar market development.

Come to Oregon early to attend more great biochar events! The Summer Stove Camp will take place August 15th-19th in Cottage Grove. Also in Cottage Grove, you can attend the Char Production Gathering from August 19th-20th. See the links to get more information or to register for these events.

Accepting Abstracts
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  1. Final program and poster list is now out. Check it out…–Conference-News-and-Updates.html?soid=1124199130091&aid=JmyHGCnf3m8

    The final program and poster list has now been circulated by Tom Miles. They are running 4 parallel themes: Agriculture & Horticulture; Forestry & Biomass; Policy & Production; Stormwater & Remediation. All look to have a fantastic lineup of experts and presentations.
    I do hope there are some folk from NZ who will be attending.

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