Auckland University biochar publication

I’ve just discovered this new publication which is listed here…

Chapter 25 – Advances and Innovations in Biochar Production and Utilization for Improving Environmental Quality


Biochar is a contextually defined charcoal specifically for application to soil, and further improvement of biochar efficacy will progress in response to the ongoing refinement of its intended specific uses. The environmental impacts and agronomic limitations that agriculture is simultaneously responsible for and constrained by are equal in diversity to the characteristics required of customized biochars to address these issues. Considering the broad diversity of biochar qualities existent across all potential feedstocks and pyrolysis conditions, the spectrum of chemical, physical, and biological environmental goals achievable through the employment of biochars, may be many fold greater. While much of the current research focus within the relatively new field of biochar has been on classifying biochar properties and observing plant responses from conventional field trials, the true potential of biochar will not be realized until researchers refine the process of pairing these biochars with soils in a thoroughly well understood and systematic way in order to address the spatially and temporally variable specific environmental impacts and agronomic limitations that are present. Just as it took many generations for researchers to fully understand the interactions of uncharred organic amendments with soils across the world, it will take time to fully realize the potential of biochar in agriculture. The custom design and targeted use of biochar is the current forefront.

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