ANZBC17 Conference Proceedings – free PDF

Australia New Zealand Biochar Conference 2017: Conference Proceedings


“The Australia New Zealand Biochar Conference (ANZBC), held in Murwillumbah NSW,
Australia in August 2017, saw the gathering of scientists, biochar producers, equipment
manufacturers, farmers, enthusiasts and other potential biochar end-users. Presenters
covered a wide range of topics ranging from reviews of recent science to advances in
manufacturing technologies to novel end uses for biochar. The conference provided all in
attendance with an up-to-date overview of the state of manufacture, use and potential uses
of biochar as well as the opportunity for both presenters and attendees to exchange ideas
and develop collaborative networks.
These proceedings are a compilation of papers submitted to ANZBC and summaries of
presentations given. The proceedings are divided into three sections, namely refereed
scientific contributions, non-refereed written summaries of oral presentations and non-
refereed powerpoint summaries of oral presentations. The non-refereed summaries reflect
the opinions of the authors at the time of writing, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion
of all in attendance at the conference. The papers and summaries in this proceedings
benchmark the current state of play of the Australia New Zealand biochar industry in 2017
from the perspective of scientists, manufacturers, marketers and end users.”
John Harvey
Managing Director
AgriFutures Australia


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