AllBlackEarth – progress report

We have had 35 people sign up to date. That’s probably a 10% strike rate but early days yet. Plenty of names missing that should & probably will arrive in time. I hope we can circulate stats based on the signup form (interests, region) but I guess this can wait until our numbers stabilize and our structure / plans are agreed around a new management team.

NZBRC kindly provided a speaking slot for me, to announce the release of this website during this 4th edition of their annual workshop (4-5 July). I’m not sure of workshop numbers… looked to be about 50 participants. I’m not planning a synopsis on the workshop here (hoping others attending, more qualified than me, will step up for comment on this).

We hoped to gather those interested in the new group over lunch at the end of the workshop. My apologies for the poor organization of this – it failed to happen. But I think we may have identified at least 1 or 2 new potential organising committee members. I propose maintaining the G+ circle as the communication tool for the ABE management team. I will circulate a notice to the old team for each to put their hand up again, to see who is interest in continuing. If you are keen to help, then please let us know. Also interested in advice and suggestions on how to manage this process (I’m a novice at this).

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